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Tsar Cannon & Small Boy

Tsar Cannon & Small Boy

Today I was in Moscow Kremlin with my new client from Ireland. This month, in December, it is getting dark in Moscow pretty early, almost after 4 pm, and when we finished tour inside all Kremlin’s cathedrals it was already starting dark and I decided to show my client and make several pictures with him nearby the fine examples of Russian workmanship, Tsar Cannon and Tsar Bell. When I was making photo session with my client nearby Tsar Cannon, I marked that it was quite impressive result even I used external flash to highlight a little bit foreground, so then I decided to make several shoots with Tsar Cannon without my client in a hope to make interesting picture... I had not a lot of time for it, because of my client was waiting for me, but I got so great interest in try to make the good composition, so even I had not marked a little boy standing nearby the huge wheel of the carriage of Tsar Cannon...

I made couple of interesting shots and posted another picture in this album with the name "Might of the Tsar Cannon" where you can see an interesting effect when I was able to highlight by external flash just the old cannon, without balls and carriage which were cast 150 years later in St. Petersburg as decoration for the Tsar Cannon. The cannon looks pretty powerful on both photos, especially it impress by its diameter. Behind the cannon you can see the main and oldest church inside the Moscow Kremlin - Assumption Cathedral which was built at the end of 15th century.

The Tsar Cannon Details:
Year of Cast: 1586
Foundry Man : Andrei Chokhov
Main Purpose: Defend the Kremlin's Savior Gate
Material: Bronze
Lenght: 5.34 meters
Diameter: 890 mm
Weight: 40 tonns

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Arthur Lookianov
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Dec 12th, 2006

Photo taken on 2006-12-12 at 16:10:49

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Michelle Peh Lyn Lyn Michelle Peh Lyn Lyn
From: Singapore
Date: 2019-10-01 19:05:11

Dear Arthur,

It was amazing trip for my husband, my personal photographer and myself. You are very reliable, trustworthy and honest. You are so passionate with your job being a tour guide cum driver. I came to know that you are a professional photographer too. That is what some tourist is looking for. Ditch the selfies and pack a photographer. By the way, thanks for the 294 pictures you sent me. I love them all and I can see that my photographer was also impressed with those pictures you taken for me.

We also love every spot you take us and also you make us laugh throughout the trip.
I would like to use the word adorable and humorous to describe you because you always show me funny faces. And we all clicks well.

Though sometimes I irritates you with many request, you will use a humorous way to answer me. I should say you indeed have a way with your clients.

Most importantly, you only take small group and it best suits me.

I am looking forward to see you again in Summer next year.

Love from Singapore
Michelle Lyn Lyn